Two tied-up slaves getting fucked by the lezdom mistress with her electrosex strapon

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It’s a real treat when your lezdom harem gets to consist of not just one lovely slave girl, but two! The two girls here are fitted with electrosex versions of anal hooks, each of them tied together, making the girls’ every movement immediately affect the other girl. Forced to look at one another, they know that with every thrust and pump of the Mistress’ strap on, they’ll be pulling and screaming, not being able to help what they do. For an added thrill to the eletrosex play, the nasty lezdom Mistress has each girl fitted with patches, giving them jolts of electricity whenever she damn well pleases to!

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Restrained lesbian slave getting ass fucked with an electrosex toy

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Some girls brag about they’re body’s are capable of handling inside it. Even in lezdom, girls enjoy playing with toys. Take this Domme here, inserting a rather large electrosex butt plug into this girl’s ass. The girl claimed to be able to take a whole fist in her, so why not try something even wider and better yet, something that will give her a real jolt! The Domme loved every moment of the girl’s squealing and crying. The more she cried and teased to be let go, the more proud the lezdom Domme became. She knew her love for electrosex would come in useful with this slave.

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Beautiful lesbians playing with electrosex toys

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In lezdom there’s always a ying and yang, the light to the dark. It’s very clear here that our sweetheart with a submissive heart is more than willing to be experimented on by our Mistress of the dark. She wants to play with all kinds of electrosex toys and has such a beautiful willing pussy to do what she wants with! She waves her violet wand at the pink juicy snatch, teasing her lezdom partner with a beautiful light show between her legs and the occasional shock! It’s always a thrill to see a girl so willing to try something new such as this highly erotic electrosex!

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Electrosex dominatrix and her caged lesbian slave

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The caged girl is more than eager to do as she’s instructed by her lezdom Owner. She knows she has to do whatever fiendish plans she’s ordered to fulfill. Here in her cage, it’s just another day as she’s ordered to spread her cheeks, expose her moist sex, and receive electrosex. The girl is so well behaved that she doesn’t even need to be bound beyond her cage, so well trained in lezdom that she willingly opens herself and waits to be filled. Such a good girl, definitely one of the hottest and most obedient little sluts in electrosex this Owner has ever seen.

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Tattooed slave gets strapon fucked by her electrosex mistress

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With plenty of lube and a good couple thrusts, the high-heeled boot wearing vixen pumps her strap on into the ass of this lezdom loving girl. With her plump ass cheeks all wired up, the tattooed cutie has no idea when she’s going to be zapped during this electrosex – that’s all left up to the vixen running the show! The sadist that this woman is though, has the bound girl take part in her lezdom torture. Having to hold the chain of the nipple clamps in her teeth, the girl knows that the jolts from the electrosex will cause her to inflict pain on herself!

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