Suspended lezdom slave in electrosex torture

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The once beautiful blonde lezdom slave lays, resting on her shoulders as she’s suspended from the ceiling. Her body jerks and contorts on it’s own due to the shocks she’s getting from the electrosex contraptions hooked up to her. Never did she think she’d be put to a test like this, all of her limits in lezdom being pushed – one after the other. This is a lesson that will make her stronger and only after she’s overcome her fear of electrosex play will be see that she’s a better and stronger person.

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Tied-up lesbian slave in water buckets gets electrified

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Two buckets of water connected to electricity. Check. One wet lezdom slave standing in said buckets. Check. More electrodes hooked to her and two electrosex hand held devices. Check and check! Crank up the wattage and lets watch as the girl squirms around, splashing in the buckets, and causing an overall wet mess as she gets a good taste of voltage electrosex! She’s a good girl for going through with it all but she might think twice the next time her twisted lezdom dominatrix suggests they try something new!

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Pussy fingering in lezdom electrosex action

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Once you’ve been involved in lezdom electrosex for a while, you get to build a bit of a tolerance. At first it’s just an electrode here an there but soon, your Domme has your entire body wired, forced to be on all fours, with your cunt that belongs only to Her exposed for anything and everything. As she teases that cunt it begins getting nice and wet, in between the mild shocks and probing fingers, you start to feel the whirr of the vibrator on your clit. More and more you begin to get off on electrosex. You need that buzz to make you cum, you need that kinky thrill that only lezdom can give you!

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Lezdom mistress fucks her slave with an electro strapon

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This sexy shot is of the gorgeous pump backside of lezdom Mistress Bobbi Starr. She’s known as the strap on queen and she ups the ante here by turning normal sex into some hot as fuck electrosex! The thick dildo she drills into her girl’s muff is all wired up, giving those wet walls a good shock with every thrust! If that wasn’t enough, she also has the slut covered in electrodes that give off shocks at random intervals. The thrill of lezdom electrosex has never been this arousing and Mistress Bobbi really proves that she does it best!

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Suspend big tits slave in electro nipple torture

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While being suspended from the ceiling, this plain jane slave deals with not just the weight of her heavy breasts pulling her down but also the random bouts of electrosex from the electrified nipple clamps. This lezdom loving slut screams with each shock and zap she gets to her breasts; the real pain for her though is not being able to move her hands and rub her sore chest. This evil lezdom play she loves so much keeps her in line. She knows that after hours of being locked up and performing electrosex, she’ll continue in life being a good girl.

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