Screaming slave in intense lezdom electrosex

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Don’t be under the assumption that all electrosex play has to be the same boring stuff! No no no! Take it from some of these lovely lezdom ladies – they sure know how to add a bit of flair and creativity into their setups. Here we see one Domme’s idea for some seriously intense electrosex play. Electrified butt plug, a metal dildo spreading open that pink slit, electrodes on nipple clamps, and the pièce de résistance – copper wire wrapped around the girl’s legs – striping her for some REAL fun! This is one lezdom bitch you don’t want to mess with! Or maybe you do, hehe.

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Bound lesbian gets her twat tormented with electrosex toys

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There’s a certain pleasure out of getting someone all worked up and worried. This lezdom worshipping whore is all strapped in with lots of rope and cringes, not knowing with her next dose of electrosex is. Fuck getting filled by a cock, strap on, dildo, none of that! Her pussy and asshole are teased and tormented by various electrified devices. Mistress of lezdom is very pleased with her slave; she smiles, happy at how red and plump the lil slut’s twat is getting. She enjoys how the fear of elctrosex makes the bitch’s slit nice and juicy.

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Tied-up slave screaming in lezdom electrosex scene

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Each and every time this gorgeous sadistic lezdom vixen cranks up the wattage on her electrosex toys, a smile creeps across her face. She knows that very soon the body of her slave will start to react, her muscles contracting with each electric shock! Here you see that the girl is to the point of no return. She’s been given more and more shocks – the constant vibration against her bare clit! This lezdom whore can’t take it anymore and begs the Mistress for relief. Only after probing that cunt a bit longer does the Mistress allow the girl to climax, just what she wanted the electrosex to produce.

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Lezdom mistress plays with electrosex toys

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One of the best things a lezdom Mistress can do is give a slave no reaction at all wile in the midst of things. While playing around with electrosex toys, while ramming that electrified butt plug deep into that tight little ass, have a look like you just don’t give a shit. Just for a little while, play it off as you don’t care. Watch as they cry and squirm, electrosex fucking and not even a smile. After a little lezdom torture like that, give your slave a big smile and let her know what a good girl she’s being.

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Beautiful lezdom mistress enjoying her big tits slave

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The Mistress peered over the shoulder of the lezdom girl she had in her clutches. The girl was use to whips and crops and typical implements like that – she thought she could take more any kind of beatings or treatment. That’s what made this electrosex experiment so much sweeter for the Mistress. She could feel herself overcoming with excitement as the big boobed lezdom whore screamed and yelped every time she was zapped from the electrosex devices. Mmm, how the Miss wanted to do more. How she wanted to fuck this girl until she knew her place.

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