Tied-up lesbian gets anal fucked with electrosex toy

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Some involved in lezdom absolutely love anal training! Make that tight little asshole swallow bigger and bigger toys. This Domme here loves not only ass play but electrosex play as well! This big dildo plug she’s cramming into the backside of this slut is all hooked up and wired and gives the bitch a real nasty but enjoyable shock occasionally. It’s a good thing the slut is beautifully tied up, unable to fight against the increasing pressure against her butt. Lezdom isn’t always nice and sweet – women can be vicious to one another, especially when electrosex is involved!

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Submissive slave tied to metal pipes in wild electrosex

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What can you do when your arms and legs are tied to metal pipes in such a way that you’re not able to wiggle around at all? Struggle isn’t an option. Now imagine being tied like that but the entire time an evil lezdom Mistress is having electrosex with you! Each shock from the devices and each thrust from the dildos make you want to fidget and move out of their way but there simply isn’t any way for you to do so! You have to lay there and take it, push yourself further into lezdom, and relish in the fact that you’re pleasing your electrosex loving Miss.

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Electrosex scene with lesbian slave licking her Mistress’s asshole

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Every well trained and good girl in lezdom knows that she’ll be made to lick asshole. Flicking her tongue along her Mistress’ backside, having to live with the humiliation and the erotic appeal of it. As this young one pleases her Miss’ bum, she’s being made to have electrosex the entire time. Jolts of electricity running through her body from electrodes hooked to her plump little hips and legs. If it wasn’t for a life of lezdom and the eye opening experiences with electrosex, this little submissive whore doesn’t know where she’d be. Just another lost girl.

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Two tied-up slaves getting fucked by the lezdom mistress with her electrosex strapon

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It’s a real treat when your lezdom harem gets to consist of not just one lovely slave girl, but two! The two girls here are fitted with electrosex versions of anal hooks, each of them tied together, making the girls’ every movement immediately affect the other girl. Forced to look at one another, they know that with every thrust and pump of the Mistress’ strap on, they’ll be pulling and screaming, not being able to help what they do. For an added thrill to the eletrosex play, the nasty lezdom Mistress has each girl fitted with patches, giving them jolts of electricity whenever she damn well pleases to!

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Restrained lesbian slave getting ass fucked with an electrosex toy

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Some girls brag about they’re body’s are capable of handling inside it. Even in lezdom, girls enjoy playing with toys. Take this Domme here, inserting a rather large electrosex butt plug into this girl’s ass. The girl claimed to be able to take a whole fist in her, so why not try something even wider and better yet, something that will give her a real jolt! The Domme loved every moment of the girl’s squealing and crying. The more she cried and teased to be let go, the more proud the lezdom Domme became. She knew her love for electrosex would come in useful with this slave.

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